About OptiClick

We are a website design company that specialise in online marketing.

We're a website design company

We design modern clean websites with your customers in mind.

Why choose us as your website company

In todays world anybody can create a website for your business.

To be honest you could probably create one yourself.

The problem with this, is that the website won’t be in front of your customers. That’s where we come in, we are experts in our industry.

We have many years of experience and have spent countless hours learning marketing & search engine processes.

Your website shouldn’t cost you a penny in the long run. If you invest in your websites foundations from the start, with a monthly marketing plan, your website will reward your business for many years.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us.

Your website should be user-friendly with your customers in mind.

Can your customers find information about your products / service?

Can they contact you for more information if needed?

Can they make an appointment / checkout and make a payment?


Your website should be on the 1st page of all major search engines.

When you type in your product / service, are you on the 1st page?

If not, contact us to see if we can help.

A Google ads campaign can change your business overnight.

Whether you have a product / service and you’re interested in Google shopping ads or Google search ads, we can help.

A Facebook ads campaign is good for targeting the local area to promote your services.

If you have a certain product where you would like to target a certain criteria, Facebook ads is very good for this.